Search and selection

Your staff is the real asset of your company, and not fixed expenses.
Every employee is a success factor responsible for the improvement of the performance of your company.

Unsuccessful recruitment will cost you money and time.

Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of our client’s strategy, objectives and requirements in order to ensure successful results in identifying and selecting best candidates most suitable for the job.

The right match between executives and assignments is the central focus of our entire operation.

The recruitment advertising campaigns are carefully planned and organized and in combination with the most appropriate written message,
which will attract the most suitable candidates.


Assessment Centre

Executive Search Consulting enables you identify the talent in your organization and create premises for their development.
This is done by applying a tailor-made Assessment and Development Centre that employs the most updated tools in the Human Resources management area.
It increases productivity and efficiency and enhances retention of well-performing staff.

The focus of the Assessment Center is on behavior patterns revealed through interviews, tests, individual and group simulations and role-plays. Employees are assessed against a set of criteria and our Consultants establish whether they fit criteria and whether there are gaps in relation to the skill set.

This service also enables to project future performance potential through evaluation of current performance levels of the assessed employees.

New technology and interactive tools are used to your benefit, enabling you to make an informed decision - a videotaped performance accompanies the Consultants reports.