About us

"ОМЕКА" LTD is a licensed Bulgarian company in the field of Human Resources Consultancy.
Our aim is to provide the best tailored solutions to your Human Resources needs, regardless of the time or intensity of effort required.

We seek out the best candidates when our clients need to recruit key personnel.
The process we adopt is designed to attract and hire the best talents available on the market.
Our delivery is not just a set of candidates, but a discussion on market availability, comparative benchmarking and a comfort knowing that we have found the solution that best fits our clients’ needs.
Our services are delivered with high professionalism, confidentiality and based on ethical fundamentals.

Our core expertise is centered on 3 main scopes of services:

1. Search and Selection
2. Consultancy
3. HR Management

Tel: +359 2 426 3126                                                                                     Fax: +359 886 166283                                                                                     Mobile: +359 887 794 704
E-mail: office@omeka.eu ; omeka.ltd@gmail.com
Address: Sofia 1574, 90 Slatinska Str., of. 1

Vladislava Marinova   Manager

Borislava Tosheva   Consultant

Lidia Tosheva  
ZBUT expert

Дружество на Психолозите в България
Българска Асоциация за Управление и Развитие на Човешките Ресурси
Bulgarian Human Resource Management and Development Associаtion
Съюз за стопанска инициатива
Софийска търговско-промишлена камара
Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry